Costello Windows

Costello Windows are experienced Window and Door manufacturers / fitters in uPVC, Thermally Efficient Aluminium and Aluminium-Clad Timber. Costello Windows also offer the Palladio Composite Front Door and the Townhouse Sash Window. Our fitters have worked for the company for many years and have a wealth of experience. We sell products that are within the means of ordinary households, but that look and perform to the highest standards. If you choose Costello Windows you will get a final product that will enhance your home. We are one of the very few window manufacturing companies in Ireland that extrude our uPVC profile and toughen glass in house. For Trade companies please look at our Kit-Fab Supplies website

Passive Window

At Costello Windows we are always looking to innovate and bring new products to the Irish market. This year we are launching our latest window, the Passive window. Our Passive Windows has been designed and manufactured by Costello Windows. Our Passive Window has a 100mm, 8 chamber, foam filled uPVC profile. Passive is triple glazed as standard and comes with a 60 mm glass unit. This window will enable our customers to meet all new and future building regulations for A1 and passive house ratings. The Passive Window has a U-Value of 0.67 W (m²K) below the required rating of 0.80 W (m²K) for passive house certification.

The Townhouse Sash Window

In 2015 Costello Windows brought the Townhouse Sash Window to the Irish market. uPVC windows can also come in the form of uPVC sash windows. The Townhouse Sash Window is very unique in its design and function. The window is designed to look like a traditional sliding sash window but rather than the sashes sliding up and down, the top sash opens out and the bottom sash opens in. This design has several benefits. The windows are a very simple design, not a lot of moving parts, so we keep the cost down. The window also has full fire access, which traditional sliding sash windows do not have. Most of all these windows look stunning and become a feature piece in any home. Townhouse windows have a 155mm frame making them a very solid window. Please have a look at the Townhouse Sash Website for even more information.

2017 and beyond

In addition to the Passive Window and the Townhouse Sash Window Costello Windows will be bringing new products to the Irish market in 2017 and beyond. This year we are developing new window window systems in Thermo Break Alu-Clad Timber window and door systems. These new systems will have even lower U-Values than before.