Palladio Composite Doors

Your front door is one of the focal points of your home. It should be aesthetically pleasing while also providing security and warmth for you and your family. 

It should be well insulated and protect against the elements, keeping the heat in and the cold and humidity out, and be strong and robust to provide security against possible intruders.

Our Palladio Doors Collection offers a wide range of wonderful front doors which will suit every home – with modern or traditional styles available. Palladio doors are made with a high-quality strength monocoque structure which gives you extra security. They are moulded from a real oak pattern which looks stunning and looks like a real timber door.

Palladio Composite doors are top of the range and perfect to make a statement as a front door.

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Are you looking for a well-insulated, secure and aesthetically pleasing door to install in a new build or to replace your current front door?

A front door needs to offer top-level security and provide high insulation. You also want it to look nice, and to retain that appearance for years.

A Costello Windows Composite Door might be the perfect solution for your needs. They offer real value for money and are well worth the investment.

Our composite doors require almost no maintenance, last for a very long time, reduce energy bills and look amazing, fitting with whatever decor you may have.

Palladio Composite Doors Properties

Apart from being well insulated, very secure, weatherproof, and energy-efficient, our composite doors are available in a variety of stunning designs and amazing colours so you can choose the one that better fits your needs.

Palladio Composite Door Types

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Why Choose a Palladio Composite Door?

  • Life Expectancy & Maintenance 

Composite doors require little to no maintenance and are incredibly durable. Their durability means they are guaranteed to last for many years in tip top condition.

They are designed to have the look of traditional wooden doors, but the materials used are combined in such a way that the end result is a remarkably durable door.

Unlike other types of doors that are more susceptible to the elements and ageing, they will not dent, warp, bow or twist. 

They are scratch-proof, flake proof and fade-resistant, and to clean them, all that is necessary is water, soap, and a lint-free cloth.

  • Insulation 

Costello Windows uses thermally efficient glass and materials to give excellent airtightness and high heat loss resistance. Our Composite doors have a high resistance to weathering and do not react to seasonal changes. All glazing in these doors is triple glazed.

These are highly insulated doors that provide some of the best thermal performance in composite doors ( U-Value 0.94 W/(m²K) )

And another important aspect worth noticing is that a Composite door will retain its insulation properties over time, unlike other types of doors.

  • Security

One of the most amazing features about composite doors is how strong and secure they are. Our doors have a multitude of security features that make them rock solid. 

A unique Monocoque structure gives our Palladio doors its amazing strength. These doors, aside from being very attractive, are also very heavy duty. In contrast to doors that possess a foam core, they cannot be easily pried open or destroyed.

They are virtually unbreakable and nearly impossible for any intruder to break through.

  • Look and Feel

Costello Windows composite doors come in a wide variety of unique and beautiful designs. These design features include ornate panels, decorative glass, hidden hinges and come in any colour including natural wood.

The wood grain effect on these doors is better than the real thing. The finish is superb, giving them a very realistic look and feel without ever having to worry about maintenance or weathering.