uPVC Smart Slide Patio

When the smart slide patio slides the sliding door first steps out from the main frame. This allows the smart slide patio to slide effortlessly. This design uses rubber seals and when the door closes again it compresses into the rubber seals giving a 100% airtight compression seal. Rubber seals are superior to the brush seal on most patios.

Smart Slide Patio Video Click Here

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Smart Slide Patio Properties

  • Smart Slide Patio Video Click Here
  • 2 part door max overall size 4 meters wide x 2.4 meters high
  • (Max door sash size 2 meters wide x 2.3 meters high)
  • 4 part door max overall size 5.8 meters wide x 2.4 meters tall
  • (Max door sash size 1.45 meters wide x 2.3 meters high)
  • 14 Locking Points , including top, bottom & sides for total security
  • Rubber seal around full frame of sliding door for 100% air tightness
  • Sliding door moves out from frame before sliding for ease of movement
  • Glides smoothly and effortlessly
  • Door is pulled back into the frame and rubber seal when closed
  • Door closes with a compression seal like a conventional door
  • Handle Colours include White, Black & Satin Silver

Smart Slide Handle Configuration 1

Lock From Inside with Finger grip outside


Because no handle outside the sliding door can come back fully flush with the fixed part

Key in handle, no need for extra lock above handles

One disadvantage with this option is that the door cannot be locked on the outside, only the inside.

Smart Slide Handle Configuration 2

Lock From both Inside and outside


Door can be locked from the outside and inside

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