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Mairead and with reference to Oakley and team.

It’s now one week since our installation was completed and I would like to thank you for a job well done, and a very good team of fitters as well. The porch has added a new and very nice feature to the front of the house and already it changed the down stairs heating to something much more efficient.

However and more important for Costello’s as we live on the side of the main Bothar Bui road a number of people have stopped to admired it, we also had two couples one from Tournafulla the other more local knock on the door to enquire about it in more detail, and we were happy to recommend Costello’s.

Pat O’Mahony

British Standards Testing

All Costello Windows products are tested to British standards. This helps us achieve low U-Value windows that are A-Rated. All our windows and doors are rigorously and independently tested for weathering by Build Check. Official signed certification available on request.

Expert Fitting

Costello Windows fitting crews are the best of the best. Our fitters have a wealth of experience and have been with us for many years. They always finish jobs to the highest standards and will only leave once the customer is 100% satisfied. With experience comes knowledge and with very few jobs being the same it is so important to have a fitting crew that knows what they are doing. The first part of any project is to make a high quality product, next they must be fitted correctly. Sometimes unforeseen problems will arise when fitting, this is where experienced fitters come into their own. Fitters with experience can problem solve on the go and take such situations in their stride. Costello Windows fitters are always courteous and patient and listen to what our customers requirements are.
Costello Windows Expert Fitting

Quality Control

To ensure that our the customer gets the highest quality we have employed, trained quality control personnel, who will not allow a product out of our factory unless it is of superb quality. Every product is checked along the production line to ensure that it is perfect. Finally when the product is complete it is put aside for a final quality control inspection. If any defects are found they are corrected. When the product has been passed, it is stamped and only then can it leave the factory.

Bespoke Design

Please have a look at the Bespoke Page for more ideas. Whatever the design you and your customer wants Costello Windows can deliver it. Whether you require arched windows, oval windows or triangular windows we will work with you to deliver a bespoke product that is manufactured to your exact requirements. Costello Windows produce a wide range of bespoke windows and doors to suit the style of your property. No matter what shape, size or design you require we know how to build it perfectly and also meet the same high security and thermal efficiency standards of all our conventional window designs.

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