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    About Costello Widows Limited

    Costello Windows manufactures every facet of the final product in-house from a 13 acre factory located in Glin, County Limerick. Costello Windows employs a set of 50 skilled employees each member has vast experience and are exceptionally talented people, i.e. the best of the best. We have a specific belief that quality, innovation and service are vital to success, every day we look to improve. Great customer service and customer care comes first at Costello Windows.

    Technological Developments

    Costello Windows is continually developing new and innovative products.

    • With an investment of over half a million pounds Costello Windows was the first company in Ireland to manufacture uPVC profiles for the window and door market in 1991.
    • Costello Windows was also the first company in Ireland to set up a manufacturing base for aluminium kit doors to the wholesale trade.
    • Costello Windows was the first and only company in Ireland to design and patent an outwardly opening and internally glazed window, without having to use the unsightly Y and U joints. This window is known as the uPVC Polaris window and is very popular.
    • Costello Windows have also designed and patented the first and only uPVC/wood composite window known as the Bestek window. This window is highly insulated with low U-Values. It has the benefits of foiled uPVC on the outside for protection against the weather, and beautiful wood on the inside which add to its aesthetics.
    • Costello Windows latest patented design is the Townhouse window. The window is designed in the style of a sliding sash window but opens in a different way. From the outside it looks just like a sliding sash window, but instead of sliding up and down it opens out and in. The top sash opens out and the bottom sash open in. This gives full fire escape access, but also ensures that the window has a compression seal, making it airtight resulting in a high energy rating. This is unique for sliding sash windows that are notorious for allowing air leakage.

    Costello windows range of Products

    Costello Windows has a wide choice of products. Today’s customers expect a choice to match the different architectural styles in the marketplace. This choice comes in the form of different materials and window types. We make windows from four different materials, these are uPVC windows, Aluminium-Clad Timber windows, Thermally Efficient Aluminium windows and Timber windows. Each material has advantages and qualities that suit different builds and customers. Timber for people that like something traditional and just love the look of hardwood. uPVC is always the best value and is maintenance free. uPVC products with a wood grain finish look superb. Aluminium is very strong, looks modern and is durable. We produce doors in the same materials and we also have a composite door, the market leading Palladio composite door.

    Costello Windows uPVC Windows

    Our uPVC Polaris window range is very versatile and suitable for a wide range of building types. We produce a Polaris uPVC french window, casement window, bay and bow window, tilt and turn window and Sliding Sash Windows. The PVC french window is very attractive, especially when finished with a milled astragal bar to give a Georgian appearance. The Polaris range is A-rated for excellent energy ratings. These windows come in a variety of colours and wood grain finishes. They are a great value for money window with superb quality. Polaris uPVC windows look great in traditional or modern homes. Georgian bars can be added to give a period look. We also do two types of Astragal bar, a clip in type or a milled finish bar. Both look great and really add that something extra to any house. We can do these type of bespoke features at an affordable price where many window companies can not.

    Thermally Efficient Aluminium Windows

    Next we have thermally efficient aluminium windows. These are next generation aluminium windows because they have a thermal break in the window frame that stops heat loss and condensation in the glass units. Aluminium looks sleek and modern, perfect for the contemporary home. Aluminium has great straight lines, giving these windows a cutting edge and with a powder coat finish of your choice will really stand out. These products are very strong and hard wearing. Aluminium – Clad timber windows are an upmarket window. We manufacture this type of window at a very competitive price. Windows done in this material have the best of two worlds, with the tough and durable aluminium on the outside and the warm finish of timber on the inside. Aluminium Clad Timber is contemporary in appearance. Aluminium – Clad timber bi-fold doors are becoming very popular as people look to open their homes to the outside. These bi-fold doors have a beautiful finish and the material itself naturally provides high energy ratings with low U- Values.