uPVC Passive Windows

uPVC Passive 100 Windows have set an industry high for profile depth with a 100mm rebated window system. The triple glazed glass unit size is also an impressive 60mm. The uPVC window profile has 8 chambers, a first in uPVC Passive window design. These superb design characteristics give the Passive 100 window its excellent thermal insulation properties and superior strength.

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uPVC Passive 100 Window Properties

  • Passive 100 Window Brochure
  • Window U-Value 0.67 W/(m²K)
  • Centre pane value 0.48 W/(m² K)
  • Passive Window weather test
  • 60mm triple glazed unit
  • Profile depth 100mm rebated window system
  • Foam filled centre chamber for thermal insulation
  • All round pressure seals using TBE offset bubble gaskets
  • 8 Chambers in uPVC profile for strength and insulation
  • Internally glazed without using an unsightly Y-joint
  • Mega Express friction hinge & Yale security top hung hinge
  • Warm edge spacer bars with argon gas filled units and low E glass
  • 90° fully opening sashes with easy clean mechanism
  • Lockable handles with night vent position

Passive 100 Window

The overall U-Value is from 0.67 W/(m² K), this surpasses the current requirements of 0.8 W/(m²K) for Passive house and A1 ratings. Also of note is the fact that this window uses a natural straight edged joint on the mid-section transom and does not use the unsightly mid-section Y-joint, so common to most other internally glazed windows in this category. The Passive window helps our customers achieve the maximum low energy consumption in their home. uPVC Passive windows achieve a balance between heat loss and solar gain. Installing passive windows will mean that homeowners, builders and architects can meet all new building regulations and building requirements. In the terms of price this window is also within the means of homeowners when compared to other high spec passive windows on the market today.


For homeowners requiring a triple glazed, passive rated, uPVC window that is reasonably priced, the uPVC Passive Window are the perfect choice. This uPVC window is low maintenance and comes in a range of 12 standard colours. It is the perfect way to upgrade any home or commercial building to save on energy consumption and meet all building regulations. The Passive offers an elegant sleek appearance. A sleek appearance is favoured by architects for allowing the maximum amount of light into any building.

uPVC Passive 100 Window Features

  • Excellent stability due to Ineos compounds uPVC
  • Slim Sightlines allows maximum light in
  • Large rebate depth of 60 to hold triple glazing
  • Environmentally friendly as material is recyclable
  • A choice of handle and hardware colours
  • High quality surface finish, exceptionally smooth therefore particularly easy to maintain
  • Restrictors available for child safety, allows windows to be open slightly ajar
  • Lockable handles with night vent positon
  • Available in 12 standard colour finishes including woodgrain finish
  • Configurations available in French, Casement and Bay n Bow

Egress Fire Escape Mega Hinge

For side hung casement window systems, the Mega Egress Friction Hinge is suitable for all side hung applications. Due to the design’s superior integral strength, one hinge size covers all frame widths up to 900mm at a maximum load of 40kg. In open position the sash is moved outside the frame to maximise the escape aperture. True 90º opening for egress compliance. The passive window uses the Yale security hinge for top hung windows.

Sleek Design

The Passive Window has a sleek profile which allows the maximum amount of light in.


The passive glass unit is a 60mm triple glaze unit. This consists of 3 x 4mm thickness glass with 2 x 24mm spaces between the panes which are filled with inert gas . The units use warm edge spacer bars and the glass is low E as standard. This will achieve an overall window U-Value of 0.76 W/(m²K).

Window Handle Options

The passive 100 window comes with several window handle options. The passive 100 can have an inline, cranked or monkeyhandle from Avocet and Fab n Fix, two of the best window handle suppliers


The Passive 100 has a TPE offset bubble gasket, which compresses up to 3 mm between the profiles ensuring zero airleakage and zero water penetration as per Buildcheck, test results available on request.


To achieve an even lower U-Value use the CUIN Passive triple glaze unit which will achieve an overall window U-Vale of 0.5 W/(m²K).