UPVC Townhouse Sash Windows

UPVC Townhouse Sash Windows

The uPVC Townhouse Sash Window is designed to look like sliding sash window. This window opens in a very different way. Instead of sliding up and down it opens out and in. The top sash opens out and the bottom sash swings inwards. The uPVC Townhouse Sash Window is a full fire escape window. This design provides a compression seal for air-tightness.

UPVC Townhouse Sash Windows from Costello Windows
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Full Fire Escape Window

The uPVC Townhouse Sash Window is a full fire escape window. Full fire escape is achieved by the opening of the bottom and top sashes. This provides a full opening for ease of access. Building regulations require fire escape windows in upstairs bedrooms. This window is low maintenance because of it’s design. The opening sash’s use top hung and side hinges, simple in design and maintenance.

Fire Escape Access

The uPVC Townhouse Sash window opens in a different way. This window has a unique design when compared to the traditional sliding sash window. The top sash is top hung, it is an outwardly opening sash. It is hinged so that the top portion of the window opens outwards and up. The top sash opens away from the building in which the window is installed. The bottom half of the window is hinged to the side and opens inwards and into the building to which it is installed. The way in which both the top and bottom sash opens allows for the full area within the frame to be open. This gives full fire escape access.

Townhouse Sash Window Features

Why Choose A uPVC Townhouse Sash Window?

This sash style window is a window that adds real charm and character to any home. In cottages they add that rustic country feel. In a Georgian townhouse they are very much in keeping with the look of that period. The contrast between the traditional style window and a new build home also works great. This is helped by picking a modern colour for the window.

A modern window in the traditional style window should achieve the best in energy performance. The Townhouse Sash window is an A-Rated window. High performance is achieved with the use of compression sealing, low E-Glass and a 155 mm multi chamber upvc thick frame. The window has a U-Value-1.0-Wm.

The Townhouse Sash window is a versatile window. They can be made to fit wider spaces by using sidelights. They can be doubled or tripled up to fill out a wider space. Costello windows can single Georgian bars and single vertical bars to add to the look of the windows. Dual colour options are available. A common approach is to have a colour outside and a light cream colour on the inside.

Double Glaze
Double Glaze U-Value 1.3 W/(m²K)

Triple Glaze
Triple Glaze U-Value 1.0 W/(m²K)

Air Permeability
Tested to max 600 Pa achieving class 4

Technical Details

Tested to 900 Pa achieving class 4

Wind Resistance
Class A4 P3 2400

28 mm units with 4 mm window pane thickness

Window Colour Options

Anthracite Grey
Silver Grey
Agate Grey
Basalt Grey
Light Cream
Chartwell Green
Golden Oak
Dark Green
Extruded Cream

Handle Colour Options

Please Note

  • Image colour may vary slightly to end product
  • Standard Interior colours are white and light cream
  • All colours have a woodgrain effect except white